Focus on wine quality.
Focus on packaging standards.
Focus on service.

The Southern Bottling Company Pty. Ltd. is a new table wine bottling facility located at Adelaide’s Edinburgh Parks. We offer a simple and efficient approach to contract bottling with a focus on preserving wine quality, high packaging standards and customer service.

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Focus continued…

  • Two table wine lines catering for standard and large format bottles.
  • Rigorous hygiene regime with daily steam sterilisation of all wine contact parts.
  • Rigorous quality control and reporting.
  • Sterile, 70S and 100μm & 200μm Bag filtration available.
  • Zero water wine introduction to line and push through.
  • Dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide monitoring with CboxQC™.
  • Inert gas bottle rinsing.
  • Pre-fill bottle evacuation and replacement with inert gas.
  • Low vacuum filler for standard format bottles.
  • Gravity filler for large format bottles.
  • Full video record of production run with real time customer access to video feed.
  • Dry goods supply.
  • Bottle neck waxing.
  • Tissue wrapping and custom wine crates.
  • Slip sheet container loading.
  • Easy access to Outer Harbour.
  • An experienced and professional team.
  • Openness and transparency.
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A selection…

Standard format bottle filling

Large format bottle filling

Dry goods supply

Bottle supply

Neck waxing

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We would love to show you our bottling facility.

 Address: 82 Woomera Avenue, Edinburgh, South Australia  5111.
 Phone:  +61 8 8281 8808
 Facsimile:  +61 8 8281 2998